Patient Services

The Perry Prosthetics family is committed to making your care our biggest priority.

It is often during very difficult times you and your loved ones are in need of our services. We know what it’s like to be in that situation and for that reason, we make ourselves available to answer your questions.

If you are a new amputee or have never received prosthetic care, please review the New Patients page when finished reviewing our services. 

We know that limb loss rehabilitation begins with information, education and support. We are passionate about providing all amputees with the care they need to regain their mobility and get back to life! 

We provide prosthetic care utilizing the most advanced techniques, the highest quality of equipment, cutting edge technology, and the best trained prosthetic CARE Team. Providing a prosthesis that is comfortable and functional is our main goal, we achieve this by eliminating pain from an ill-fitting prosthesis and allowing you to live life without limits or compromise.

At Perry Prosthetics, we offer the following services:

  • Free Consultation & Evaluation 
  • Coordination with Your Entire CARE Team
  • All Custom Lower Limb Prosthetics
  • All Custom Upper Limb Prosthetics
  • Competitive and Recreational Sports Prosthetics
  • Technologically Advanced Prosthetic Designs
  • Advanced Myoelectric Upper Extremity Prosthetics
  • Co-Apt Gen 2 Pattern Recognition Controlled Myoelectric
  • Microprocessor Integrated Prosthetics 
  • Hygenic/Shower/Swim Prosthetics
  • Elevated Vacuum Systems
  • Helix Hip Joints 
  • Advanced Partial Foot Designs
  • Latest Socket Materials Technology
  • Most Advanced Limb Casting and Recording Technologies 
  • Full On-Site Custom Fabrication Laboratory